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  • Sorry for the lack of official finished art lately guys. Been trying to figure some things out with painting still and I have a mountain WIPS, along with 2 half finished commissions. Working on all of these a bit at a time, so hopefully I’ll have some nice and juicy finished pieces to toss out soon!

    I’ve remade my NSFW blog for s’s and g’s. So if anyone wants to follow it, just message me and I’ll give you the link. It’s pretty barren right now but I’ll fill it with nekkid sketches sooner or later. I don’t draw NSFW as often so I don’t figure too many people are interested atm. When I actually get some substance in it I’ll just post it on here for people to follow if they so chose. Right now it’s just a place to toss the tasteless boob doodles that I can’t really toss here.

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