Wanted to say thank you for all of your goodbye’s and good luck’s, I appreciate them all very much!

Q: Did you have more posts on this blog? Why are they all gone?

— Anonymous

All of it has been removed for now. I’m going for a 0 distractions intense study which means no reblogs or notes or likes or anything tumblr related (not counting now since I’m answering some questions!). Basically doing what I SHOULD have been doing a few years ago, but hey, better late than never!

memark2 replied to your post:Short goodbye
Whaaaaa- Buut, but… okay… :( Any chance you’ll at least keep this blog active (I mean, keep the account open)? I’d like to know when you’ve returned. Otherwise, I just have no idea how I’ll find you again. :/ Regardless, best wishes. :)
As far as I’m concerned at the moment, I will not be deleting this blog, so it’ll still be “active” so to speak. In other words after I come back from study and I’m somewhere else on the web (or not, it’s too far in the future to worry about right now), I’ll be able to direct people from here.

Short goodbye

Hey guys. For those who noticed, I’ve shut down my deviantart and gotten rid of my personal blog. After I finish my last 3 commissions and hand out the 3 chibi prizes, I’ll be dropping off as a “casual tumblr art blog” for a good year or two for art study and practice. To get where I want to be in art and in life, I haven’t been trying very hard, which has been MY fault, and no one else’s. But I’m taking the steps now to fix it, while I have the chance, and to overcome it. Thank you for all of your support through the admitably short time I was around here. It was fun and, in the end, a learning experience. You’ve all been great, thank you <3